NOKIA Field Test Group / Display codes

Activation of Net Monitor menu through NAM already discussed in NOKIA CDMA codes post.( by keying *3001#12345# -> Field Test -> Enable -> Switch off and on )

The index is shown on the top left corner of the display. Ex: If display01 in group 31 should be activated enter 3101 in the prompt.

The only way to deactivate the Field Test Display is to clear theGroup/display: prompt in the Net monitor menu and enter a zero orsimply enter 0000 and confirm the input by pressing OK.

There are three Field Test Display modes:
• execute mode • data display mode • help mode

While in data display mode, the field test data (e.g. carrier, powerlevel, cell) are visible on the main display.

While in help mode, one screen of instructions is shown for eachtest to make it easier to indentify the test in question. To togglebetween these two modes, press and hold the * key.

Available test codes for NOKIA CDMA
3101 to 3116
3201 to 3213
3301 to 3308
3401 to 3403
3501 to 3502
3601 to 3623
6101 to 6113
6201 to 6204, 6207
6301 to 6313,
6330 to 6399
6501 to 6503
6601, 6602
6801, 6802

Use arrow keys to run next test.

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