A messenger for make cheap phone calls & SMS

Just point out your mobile browser to www.mig33.com

Remember--- You will get 1$ initial account balance to make calls and sms when you signup


you can chat in group chatrooms, private chat, send SMS and even connect to MSN Messenger and Yahoo Messenger

<-- Cheap Phone Calls & SMS -->

And when you actually want to talk to the person you're chatting with, mig33 gives you cheap voice calls and SMS.

With mig33, it's really easy to launch a cheap international call. Just select your buddy, and select 'call buddy' to launch a call. Their global VOIP network is ever expanding so as to give you the best service and the best rates.

It's more than just cheap calls

You can control your costs as well. Making calls back to a mobile phone is expensive. You can 'throw' the call to a landline near you and save even more.

<-- Share mig33 with all your friends! -->

From mig33, you can send mig33 to your friends. From within mig33, simply select 'Invite friend' and they will receive an SMS invitation to install mig33 on their phone. Once installed, you'll get an extra AUD$1.00 of credit to make phone calls and send SMS.

You can also share your credits with other users. Simply open your account balance in mig33, and select 'Transfer credit' to push credits to other users. Now you and your friends can recharge your account once and share your credits around.

JAVA midp1.0 mobile phone with GPRS or WAP enabled

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