Default modem driver for CDMA phones

use the following steps if you don't have your phone's modem driver.

1. Go to -> Control Panel -> Select Phone and Modem options.

2. Install a new modem on your computer. Do not allow the computer to detect a Plug and Play modem. Instead, select the Standard 33600 modem that is available as one of the default choices. (Don't worry - it will connect at 115 kbps, not 33.6 kbps).

3. Install the modem on any COM port that is available.

4. Once the modem is installed, select it and click on Properties. Under Advanced, add the following Extra Initialization command: "AT+CRM=1" (without the quotes).

5. Go to Network Connections (or dial up networking) and create a new connection using the wizard.

Save Battery ( Improve battery life )

1. Turn off your Bluetooth

2. Disable sounds and vibrating alert

3. Brightness – lower the brightness of your screen

4. Setting the Power saver time-out and the Light time-out to the low values will help too (you’ll find them in the display settings)

5. If you are not using an application switch it off – you’ll get a list of all active applications by long pressing the menu button

6. Games – it’s fun to play games on your way to school/office but they are power-hungry beasts; I can’t tell you not to play games but think about your battery when you are playing.

7. Turn off your phone when your phone has no signal coverage.