Increase Font Size On Nokia E50

You’ll need a memory card and a file manager (e.g. Y-Browser or ActiveFile).

1. Open your file manager and navigate to Z:\resource\Fonts

2. Check the names of the files (these are the fonts that are actually used); they have extension .ttf and most likely they are nosnr60.ttf, nssb60.ttf, nstsb60.ttf and S60ZDIGI.ttf; write them down, you’ll need them later

3. On your memory card create a folder called resource and inside it a folder called Fonts

4. Copy the new fonts to the Fonts folder on your memory card (there are numerous fonts available on the internet for free; try a few of them, experiment and see which fits the best)

5. Rename them in the following order: – nosnr60.ttf regular (normal) font – nssb60.ttf bold font – nstsb60.ttf font for titles

Note: if your font files have different names rename them accordingly. Font names on your memory card must match those on phone memory in Z:\resource\Fonts.

6. Reboot the phone

If you want to switch back to the default font simply erase the whole resource folder from your memory card. If you take your memory card out of the phone the default font will be used.

A Software can also increases font sizes use it for any s60...

Software: Font Magnifier
avialable at:


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